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Focus on MOVEMENT & STRENGTH to finally fix the source of the problem

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Make the Right Choice

You should have high expectations of your PT Doc just like we expect our patients to be ALL IN! 

From the Receptionist to your PT Doc to your Clinical Assistant - We ALL want to see you move better and take control of your life! 

We have a genuine investment in your wellness and expect nothing but the best! You're not alone on this journey. If you're ready to work, then we'll be with you step for step

We specialize in manual therapy, orthopedic and neurological conditions, as well as sports & conditioning to improve movement for returning to life and sport!


How We Can Help You

Understanding WHY you are suffering is the first step to recovery! We teach you about your body so you understand WHY we are doing things so you can eventually continue your progress with your prescribed Home Exercise Program 



Being 'STRONG' means different things to different people. 

Whether you want to get back to work, back on the field/court, or just want to be able to get in and out of bed, our team works toward goals that are important to YOU so you stay strong for life! Choose the best physical therapy in Hilo and in Keaau.

movement is our expertise


Advanced Manual Therapy Techniques

Our PT Docs are experts in biomechanics or how the body is designed to move. They use manual therapy techniques to move and assess your joints to make sure they are operating at full capacity. They detect the source of the problem and create a plan to fix it so you can get back to LIFE!


Expert Exercise Prescription

Anyone can Google exercises to strengthen areas of the body but not everyone has the clinical expertise that our PT Docs have! Armed with advanced education in biomechanics, nothing compares to our abilities to customize your plan.

No program is identical. Each plan is modified  to fit YOUR specific condition or goal!


Advanced Techniques & Equipment

ONE treatment does not fit ALL cases. 

Some of the equipment we currently have:

  • Alter G Anti-Gravity Treadmill (Hilo Clinic Only)
  • ML830 Cold Laser
  • Concept2 Rower & BowFlex Elliptical Stepper
  • Myofascial Decompression Techniques using Cupping
  • RockTape & RockBlades 
  • TRX Suspension Training System
  • Core Flyte Sliders & Balance Mats
  • Kettlebells & Slam Balls
  • Battle Ropes & Squat Rack

Contact Us

Please contact us directly with any questions, comments, or scheduling inquiries you may have. 

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