Front Desk/Activations


 When you call either of our clinics, chances are you'll speak to one of these lovely ladies. Sweet, professional, and they also keep you accountable! 

These angelic faces look soft and fragile until you're late or miss your appointment. 

They are the master schedulers and make magic happen so you get the care you need.



 Kaylee is responsible for coordinating front desk activities, distributing correspondence and redirecting phone calls. When you call the Hilo or Kea'au clinic she is usually the one to help you with your schedule and start getting you what you need. 

She is currently a student at UH Hilo studying psychology in hopes to one day open her own practice and/or teach as a professor. Outside of work Kaylee loves spending time with her family and friends. 

She believes that patients like our clinics because they realize we are different from others in Hilo and in Kea'au. They appreciate that we really care about them and don't just do what we do for a paycheck. 



 Kait is our Activations Specialist; she activates a potential patient to the active caseload. She reviews and verifies all new referrals sent to our clinic and calls patients to schedule their first appointments. She also makes sure that you get your visits recommended by your therapist.

What Kait loves about working at Pakolea is that we have a positive family-oriented culture and thats key to keeping her inspired and ready to work. What she loves most about caring for patients: "I like caring for patients because I know that they are in the right place for them to get better, be better, and feel better. I know that thy are in the right hands and nothing beats the smile on their faces when they are feeling a whole lot better on discharge day.”



Summer is our go-to person. Whatever information or help you need in regards to referrals, insurances and scheduling she’s the one to get ahold of when you call or come into the the clinic. 

What Summer loves about working here is getting to witness the patients on their journey to recovery. Getting to see the transition from the pain and suffering in their voice over the phone versus the day they finish, gain strength, have more confidence, and walk out with a smile makes her happy. 

"It's no joke. We are down right awesome all around. It's a positive environment, straight forward, and we're always here for you."